[1st oracle (oracle of prohlis)]

video with sound, 16:9, 48'

Realised in collaboration with :
For Sale Info Offspring Kiosk / Eva Hertzsch & Adam Page

special mention first film prize at FID Marseille 2007

"To wipe out its debts, the city of Dresden sold all of its social housing to an American financial investment company. In Dresden/Prohlis, an enigmatic investigator, silent but armed with a recording instrument, walks around and records sounds. It seems, that he is trying to decode the words of an oracle. Nothing is spared from this auscultation, from courtyard rumours to the sound of pipes or the corridors of the buildings themselves. Several threads simultaneously come together, providing as much a reflection about sound, polyphony and listening as about contemporary social policy and its (our) future. Proceeding with modesty, not hiding the fact that this could be related to a game lost in advance, and thus losing with it also the possibility of transparency (a hand repeatedly and vainly tries to put a coin in a bowl of water), the film advances at a resolute pace. In the middle of things, rather than above them, an echo without a voice, it is about foiling authoritarian prophetic impulses."
(Jean-Pierre Rehm)